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Our office is online!

We are pleased to offer you a new, convenient way to connect with our office. Using the Internet, you can now communicate with us online through the Relay Health messaging service.

The Relay Health service is a SAFE, SECURE, and CONFIDENTIAL way to communicate about your non-urgent healthcare needs. It’s as easy to use as e-mail, but incorporates stronger security measure that ensure your privacy.

You can use the Relay Health service to:

  • Get Your Lab Results.

  • Schedule Your Next Appointment.

  • Refill Your Medications.

  • Ask non-urgent questions.

  • Request Referrals.

By using the Relay Health service, you’ll be able to communicate with our office when it’s most convenient for you. All you need is access to a computer with an internet connection.



Communicate with your doctor from virtually anywhere, at anytime. Pose your concerns and questions in your own words, with no time pressure.


No more sitting on hold or waiting for the doctor's office to open to handle your non-urgent healthcare needs. You may even save yourself an office visit. Multiply this efficiency by using RelayHealth to manage the non-urgent healthcare needs of your entire family — simply add family members, along with their respective doctors and specialists, to your RelayHealth account.


Access our large repository of medically reviewed information to help you better manage your health.


Rest assured that RelayHealth's encryption technology and privacy policy protects the confidentiality of your personal information-more securely than either the telephone or regular.

Take a Tour

See for yourself how the RelayHealth® online communication service connects healthcare professionals and their patients quickly, affordably, and securely. Take a tour here >>


If so, please take a few minutes to sign up now (there is no fees to register for this service):

Click “NEW USER When prompted, select your doctor.

NOTE: To ensure security, our office must Accept your application before your registration is completed. Please allow 24 hours following registration for our office to process your registration.